Google This, Meathead!

An email in my inbox today from last night’s date:

Hi –

Hope you had a decent time last night. Just wanted to apologize for my pushiness at the end of the evening. Not to make excuses, but I’m not often out that late on a weeknight, and I guess I wasn’t thinking very clearly. I really enjoyed meeting you and I hope you can look past my ungentlemanly conduct and perhaps join me for a drink again some time next week.

(Said “pushiness” and “ungentlemanly conduct” refers to – among other things – slamming a cab door in my face when I refused to go home with him)

potential responses:

1) How about … NO!

2) Thanks for the apology, but the drink won’t be necessary. Glad you enjoyed your three martinis and pint of beer, though!

3) No

4) No

5) Hell no

Bah. I’m going to go make cupcakes.


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