Day Four

On Thursday, Bill was late and though the secretary gave us his message: “work on your final projects!” We shot the breeze while “Notting Hill” played on the DVD player – ignored – instead. Pat said I looked “very tired.” I mumbled in agreement, yet, I remained awake for the entire four hours. I had a large transcription to do, which was weighing on my mind, and which impacted my decision not to have lunch with the group after class at a Korean $10 buffet, though I very much wanted to go. 1) transcription to do for Big Red. 2) wanted to save my money for dinner that night at the office. Thus, no go.

Bill passed out topics for our presentations; I will be teaching the class about shapes. I was initially a little disappointed because I feel as though the lesson will be too easy for them; the shapes in Italian are based on Latin so they are very similar to the names of shapes in English. But, well, it’s the assignment. my mother suggested I incorporate something more challenging, such as conveying to the group that I want them to point out something that is rotondo or quadrato in the room. I think this is a good idea.

Getting pretty comfortable with the people in the class, though. There was another ice breaker around 12:30; we were given a sheet called “poetry bingo” which was filled with squares that each had two lines of simple poetry in them. the task was to finish off the poems with two more lines that rhymed. C.C. went first: “Roses are red, flowers are tall; if you mess with me, you’re gonna fall.” Mindy suggested a poetry battle. Kristina wrote: “Roses are red, flowers are tall; I think you’re cute, give me a call!” We oohed and aahed.

I offered:

roses are red, violets smell great; we watched Notting Hill ’cause Bill was late

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off – and then four more days. Then – a certificate and the applying for jobs begins.


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