Day Three

For some reason, it was very hard to get up that day. Ann had given me a light schedule the night before in order to make up for my staying at the office until 4 in the morning Monday night. I was home before 2 and slept well. I lolled in bed until about 8:30 – though I had planned to begin experimenting with being more productive in the morning and actually fixing myself up like people who go to work in the morning do. No such dice – i jumped into jeans and four layers of clothes due to the gross 60 degree rain.

It poured. Bill suggested that we order in since it was so awful outside. After some deliberation – pizza? chinese (eh)? korean (yes, but too expensive, especially in K-Town)? – we agreed. There were more ice breakers, and a discussion of how to teach pronunciation, homophones/homonyms (a rather heated argument ensued about which were which), and how to use videos in our lessons. I found myself nodding a little bit but after a quick walk around the block and a bottle of high energy soy milk, I was fine (and quite pleased with myself).


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