day five

Still procrastinating. I have a deadline today as well as a doctor’s appt at 4:45 and work at 7:30. So far, there is lots of jumble on the page but no real beginning.

I tried to go to sleep at 2 but couldn’t sleep for hours. I rolled out of bed at 8:25 and made it to class at 9:01. Today there was an ice breaker where we each wrote a line of ‘poetry’ on the board to form one larger poem, kicked off by Bill. the result:

Aw, man, i still need a flat

but for the money you want to pay, you won’t get that

go to Jersey, it’s really phat

check the hood ’cause that’s where it’s at!

no trash no bugs no trash no rats

be careful in da hood if you hate on those cats

there’s no telling who’s got your back

or you might get whacked

even worse you could get trapped

and you’ll always afford to live there even if you get sacked

yeah this is true no doubt about that

but you can push ’em back with that rat-a-tat-tat.

finis. genius!

Patrick said I looked tired. I am tired – but it is a fatigue that need not exist. I had all day yesterday to work on my play review. Had I really set down to it, I could have done it in a couple of hours and been able to go to bed with a clear conscience at a decent hour and then woken up earlier and taken another look at it before turning it in.

Heifer and I have just shared a Lean Cuisine TV dinner – the meat and potatoes went to me, and she licked the gravy off of the plastic tray. We are both happy.


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