nothing part X

two weeks since i got my certificate tomorrow

jobs applied to: none

Part of this is because I haven’t been able to access jobs on the website for some strange reason. Also, I haven’t been to the TESOL offices yet to ask for resume/cover letter guidance. This is largely in part because I’ve been busy with transcripts and other things. Thus, no jobs applied to.

I ran into Patrick from class the other night on the street, which was a nice surprise. Occasionally, Ollie sends out mass emails to the rest of us, discussing his experience sitting in on classes at the Language Institute in New Jersey, which all of us were encouraged to do in order to get a recommendation which will further help in getting a job.

I tell people I’m leaving in October, but honestly, I haven’t even gotten a job yet so how do I know I can leave in October? Will jobs I want even be hiring for then?

Must call the school tomorrow and ask why I can’t get into the site.


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