nix those pics

I sent in my resume to the higher ups at Global TESOL for inspection, to see if it was a suitable teacher’s resume. To my surprise and amusement, the cover letter was far, far easier to write than for any editorial job I’ve ever applied for.  One of the folks at Global TESOL said I should also send in a picture – prospective schools will want to see one so that they can make sure I’m professional-looking (no face piercings, for example). I asked if it was all right to just take a picture I already had and crop my friends out of it. She said it was fine. I went about cropping Peaches and Erma out of a picture we took together when Peaches was in town and sent it in.

A few days later, forwarded to me from Global TESOL:

“Her  resume is fine the way it is!  The picture however, is not
appropriate.  She needs to get a head shot  that does not look like she is
at a party.”

Oh dear. back to the drawing board. Actually, we were on the street corner – but every day with Peaches and Erma is like a party!!!

However, the resume is good – once I get that “headshot” taken I’ll be on my way to sending out dozens of resumes per day. Not bad!!


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