Dave’s ESL Cafe is the place to be for would-be English teachers. Message boards, job postings, information … what’s not to like? I apply to several jobs a day now – in Turkey and Japan. In all of my searches, I find that schools hiring in Europe request applicants offer either EU citizenship or at least 1 year of teaching experience. Though this darned EU citizenship has been in the works for over a year now, it still isn’t a reality. Teaching experience is definitely still a figment as well. I’m seeing almost no posts for jobs in South America or Africa. Yet, jobs are poppin’ fresh in Asia. So are job offers – dozens of schools from Korea and China send job offers straight to my mailbox, simply because I’ve registered on the site.

Pepper has been accepted to teach at a school in Korea and she will leave in a couple of months. She says that the majority of job offers are scams and thorough research of the schools and companies are essential. I delete most of the “job offers” that come into my mailbox.

Today, though: an interview request from a language academy in Japan that actually looks legitimate – its website is sleek and registered on its own domain.

And I think I’m gonna do it. Go to that interview, that is. Not only is it the first time I’ve been contacted for an interview in 3 years (!) but the company looks solid and they offer an extremely enticing benefits package. Living in Turkey sounds more luscious to me somehow but the jobs I’m seeing offer very little in the way of stipend. If I want to toast any of my friends I had better find myself a job that can help make it a reality.

Also … my battle cry for the past few months has been “change.” Nothing spells “change” like moving halfway across the world.

An added bonus: though the language academy has offices in New York City and 5 other major US cities, this year, the North American interviews are only being held in Toronto. While I might curse this fact since I am trying to conserve all my cash, I think: tickets to Toronto aren’t that much. I’ve always wanted to go. Even when I bomb the interview I’ll still have had a nice mini break.

Tomorrow’s the deadline to mark the intent. If the August 24th date is still open … then I’m in.

Let’s see what my manager says about my casual request to take the day off ….


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