Tipsy in Toronto

Freaking out this morning, I calmed down by the time the plane landed.

Toronto is lovely. I am tipsy now, just as my clever post heading reads.

Met a very cute (very young) Albanian boy in the hostel and we had a beer. He put his arm around me and told me i was the most fun American girl he’d met. I said, “Thank you” and bid him goodnight.

Interview tomorrow. The grammar has filled my head for weeks so it might be … better. Still need to fill out the application. “What do you want your students to get from you?” Well, son, I don’t know. Perhaps they can learn how to stutter as well as I do.

First interview in 3 years. Feel calm now, though I was completely panicked this morning. Beer is amazing.

… as I walked down the street, I overheard a man on a doorstoop say, “You and I are the same, eh?”

EH!! EH!! EH!!


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