extreme willingness to party

In Guatemala – the cobbled streets never a match for my dog eared high heels – I pecked at a passive acceptance letter to the school at the airport’s internet kiosk.

While i am excited to work at your school, I tope, i am unable to send the visa materials to your office by September 1st as I am overseas until September 6th. I am, however, still interested in a late November or early January position and I hope you will consider me for one of those. If this is impossible, then I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for the best interview experience i have ever had!

That done, I finally released the tense sigh that had been bottled in since receiving the job offer letter asking for a reply by August 30.

Linda and Isabel came over as I began to type an email to Diego.

Herro! Guatemala here. Cannot wait till you get here – it’s going to RAWK. If you have time, uncle joe wants some jewish rye bread – you should be able to get it at any gristede’s. Ximena wants sweet tarts – i couldn’t find
them at kmart for some reason.
but hurry up and get here – parranda parranda parranda!

I turned to my lovely cousins, my father and mother and asked them if they had anything to add. As they spoke, I tope:

Dad says: well, we’ll talk later. we’ll play golf sunday, don’t forget the shoes.

Isabel says: hurry, baby! y bring me a snowball from the empire state building. how do you call, them little snow balls?

Linda says: bring extreme willingness to party … or something.

Ma says: love ya!

I say: parranda!

-tu hermanota


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