my mother is brilliant

A conversation between my mother and myself (regarding the fellow I was seeing briefly in September):

Isa: So what happened to the folk musician?

Me: Dunno. I guess we’re done. I haven’t heard from him in 3 weeks and he ignored a text message I sent him 2 weeks ago.

Isa: He is probably busy.

Me: (rolling eyes unseen): I doubt it – if he were into me he’d find a way to get in touch. No, he’s blowing me off.

Isa: You don’t know that.

Me: Well, all the signs are there.

and then (wait for it):

Isa: Maybe he had diarrhea.

Me: Uh, for 3 weeks?

And now, ladies, the eagerly awaited sequel to “He’s Just Not That Into You,” hitting stores next week: “He’s Just Not That Into You … Or He Has Diarrhea.”

Absurd … or brilliant?


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