Two Weeks’ Notice

Today, in less than two hours, I will give my two week’s notice.

While I have been grousing for months that I couldn’t wait to do so, I find myself a little nervous at the threshhold of this grand announcement. Typical, of course … I hope it won’t prevent me from delivering my piece with calm and propriety.

Two weeks … it doesn’t seem possible. I started this job at the tender age of 22, fresh from an unpleasant bout of unemployment. I was hired as a writer and found solace and friends among my coworkers. 4 years later many of the old faces are gone, my job is completely different, and I am anxious to make a new start. So many have come and gone; I feel like a high school senior that can’t pass Math. It is an odd feeling for one who used to adore turning up at work.

Well. Off I go …


One Comment Add yours

  1. Peaches says:


    i’m so very excited for you and your future endeavors. i think once you do it, it’ll feel really good. (that’s always been my experience in quitting matters.)

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