As of today, October 20, 2006:

  • I now recognize 10 characters in hiragana without having to look at my handy dandy character sheet – the characters for “shi,” “e,” “no,” “ko,” “ro,” “pu,” “i,” “wa,” “ka,” and “ku.”
  • I have 2 weeks left of my job
  • I have an appointment for November 13 at the cardiologist’s for the echocardiogram prescribed by my doctor last week when she diagnosed me with a slight heart murmur but still haven’t gotten to the hospital for the school-mandated chest X-ray
  • I have eaten chicken cutlet curry from Teriyaki Boy three nights in a row when I ought to be eating as much American food as possible.
  • I have watched the “Yatta” video a total of 12,399,045 times



One Comment Add yours

  1. mo says:

    yay on the learning japanese!

    i have a heart murmur too! what’s up with that?!

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