Must Haves

As I sit and wait for work to come in on my second-to-last night, I am bored.

While I wait, I mull over the many attachments my school contact sent me to help me prepare for my move to Japan. So much to do – visas, alien registration cards, closing and opening of bank accounts … he sent lots of links about things such as Japanese culture (to signify one’s self in Japan, point at your nose, not your chest!), tax information (they’re low, low, low!), expenses and advice to bring Western toiletries and medicines and any other “must haves.” I try to think – have I got any “must haves”?

Let’s see:

  • Lady Speedstick in the pink container (been using this, barring a few dalliances with Degree and Dove, since I was 14)
  • Max Factor 2000 mascara – any kind, although 2000 Calories Aqua Lash is best
  • Suave Humectant Conditioner

I have other toiletries I like (Sally Hansen nail polish, Crest Total toothpaste, Dove pink bar) but really, nothing I can’t live without. I do use prescription medication on my face but, honestly, those do nothing for me so I might as well stop using them. As for makeup, I’ve got enough to last for years, barring foundation and I’ve never found one of those that I actually like enough to repurchase, so …

Well, that’s a bit of a relief.


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