apparently coping well

Though Leia and Ginxie spent the first couple of days hissing at and avoiding each other – and though heifer spent more of the week hiding under the guest room bed – it appears that the tension has melted. Leia does not yet purr compulsively, prance about and get into impish mischief as she did under my care, but she does explore at intervals an, of course, eats heartily.

they’re not yet friends, but they tolerate each other and will even share the same space. ginxie, however, insists on keeping a close eye on the lithe, stripey Leia.

Leia will warm up in time and begin to purr again. for the next year, she will be well fed and well attended to. She will be fine. I, on the other hand, am less fine without her, but accepting a job with a company that forbade her to come with me was a conscious choice so I haven’t the right to complain.

nonetheless, the place is cavernous without her.


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