The Blacker the Hair …

Between me and the owner of a handicrafts store in Taipei:

Store Owner: Why do you have black hair?
Myself: (gesturing to her parents, who are loose in the shop) Because they have black hair.
Store Owner: (dubious) Your mother hair is different.
Myself: She paints it. Dye.
Store Owner: Oh.
Myself: This is a lovely keychain. I love Cloisonne!
Store Owner: You and your family are not so tall.
Myself: No, we are not.
Store Owner: I think Westerners are more tall.
Myself: Well, many of them are but we’re different.
Store Owner: (amazed) Ahh …..

Later, after reporting the conversation to my parents:

My mother: What? What does she mean, “why do you have black hair?”?
My father: Okaaaaay ……

Welcome to my world, folks.


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