Yesterday, there was a moth in the train to work that weaved, fluttering, between the passengers, who gasped or laughed, threw up their hands and, in general, spazzed for about 40 seconds before we stopped at Osaka Shin Station and the moth angrily beat his wings out of there.

After dinner with Sean last night, we prepared to ride our bikes back to our building and saw a young woman being carted out of a building on the backs of two men, seemingly passed out. Another girl, ostensibly,  her friend, carried with her a see-through plastic bag a quarter-filled with a strange, clear red fluid. The party clomped to the curb where yet another woman was waiting, waving wildly, next to a cab. Our ride home was occupied with confused musings about what could have transpired.

I had two unexpected breaks at work yesterday, during which I chatted with teachers and studied my level 4 JLPT guide, pleased to find that I already know many of the things in it.

… and now, I’m off to Thailand to meet Miss Pepper for one last South Asian hurrah before she heads back home to the States. We hope there will be elephants.


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