One More Thing

My plants will die and there is nothing I can do. Sean is gone to Ireland, Meir is gone to New York, Carnitas is being peaceful somewhere in Oregon, Steve is going to Vietnam and the few other people I know slightly have plans which, I’m sure, don’t include watering my plants.

Despite my early false starts, these plants have grown quite nicely; the basil yields me deliciousness, the bonsai grows more tree-like by the day and the strawberry in a can shows great promise. It is a shame, a great shame.

To remember them as they were:


My delicious basil and the strawberries that never were.


The mamebonsai I have nursed back to health several times since July. Already, it wilts in desperation.

I will give them an extra good watering before I leave for Shin Osaka station and hope for the best. They’ve already gone through so much under my care, is it impossible that they will survive 11 days without more water? Most likely. Oh, my plants.

One last thing:

I’m going home.


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