Work, Schmork

In something of a New Year’s miracle, my plants are not dead. Some of the leaves on my basil are a little brown and my bonsai could be perkier, but my strawberry in a can is, if anything, taller and greener. I would show you photographic proof but my camera’s battery is dead and both the battery charger and the USB cord are in my suitcase which is, at this moment, en route to me from Tokyo. In just a day, American Airlines went from being my new friend to rising to the top of my Deplored Personages List; after an exhausting 14 hour flight, at least 50 other passengers and myself were subjected to a two-hour line to get to the American Airlines desk in order to file our missing suitcase complaint and leave our address for the complimentary delivery service. Bright side to the annoyance: nothing absolutely imperative was in my suitcase and at least I no longer had to schlep it from Tokyo to Osaka. Downsides: from what I could make out, the delivery service representative said the suitcase would be delivered sometime Saturday, which is when I work and since everyone in my building also works on Saturday, no one will be around to sign for it.

Which reminds me:

Konnichiwa! Sandobaru, Eba inakattara, ****-**-**** denwa shite kudasai! Arigatou gozaimashita! Sandobaru Eba kara *.

*Good morning! If Eba Sandobaru isn’t here, please call ****-**-****! Thank you very much! from Eba Sandobaru

This is the note I am leaving taped to my door before I head out to work. Hopefully, it helps.

Jet lag can be amazing. Today, just back from Ireland, Sean rang me at 7 in the morning.

“Will I get you anything from the conbini?” he said. “I’m on my way out.”

“You?” I said. “Mr. ‘Do not disturb before noon’?”

“Yes, me,” he said. “Do you want anything or not?”

Yes, but I doubt they have Gray’s Papaya at Seventh and Holding.


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