To elaborate on the sign off for my last post: Sean called me “Miss White Trash” because I had responded to his gentle reminders to “clean up” the place with drawling howls of “Nuh-uh!! I ain’t gonna do it ’til I feels like it!” Sean, who has never seen White Trash, dropped his WT Bomb and announced he was going out for a nice dinner – with his notepad in tow.

“Why do you need your notepad?”

“You’ll see.”

Behold the fruits of Sean’s labo(u)r:

The marks next to the chores are kanji, the character for kuchi or “mouth.” Here, they represent tick boxes. This is, by far, the most elaborate means anyone has ever undertaken to whip me into cleaning shape but I suppose I knew what I was getting into when I selected Mr. Clean as a Whistle for a roommate.

ATTENTION. A pretty awesome Irish joke was deleted from the above paragraph at Sean’s insistence. I am duly chastened. In order to make up for my racist breach of etiquette, I leave you with:


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  1. Ruben says:

    Hey I’m Italian! What’s that?! 🙂

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