First, there was the 2000 presidential election. Outraged, many Democrats dramatically swore they’d move to Canada. Then 2004 rolled around and disillusioned voters swore they’d move to Canada again. I probably even blurted out the threat myself but, like everyone else, I was venting; my words ridiculous and empty. Nonetheless, though the Bush administration had absolutely nothing to do with my move to Japan, I have to admit, once in a while, I feel a twinge of satisfaction from inside my cave-like Japanese apartment when I recall those dazed, post-election days.

Make no mistake, I love my country. My country is like my family; I don’t always like its behavior and its quirks, but I simply love it for what it is. And on weeks like this – watching from afar, beaming with an unconflicted pride – I love it even more.


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