Ehhhhh … I’m Halfway There?????

Six months to go until the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and what have I learned? That I wish it hadn’t rained today. He made me forget my umbrella! Whenever I forget my umbrella, I get wet! So I made him buy me cookies. For an apology. Whenever I eat cookies, I become happy. Cookies? Crunchy, right? My heart goes pit-a-pat! Knock knock! Who’s there? My grumbling stomach! Whenever I see cookies, my eyes sparkle. They are like stars! Sir, may I humbly offer you my delicious cookies? Here you are … oh! You dropped it. Aw, what a waste!

Do you know the Japanese word for the male genitalia? I do! It’s because my honorable 8 year old students so kindly deigned to teach me. I have, however, learned almost no new kanji, therefore I still know only around 500.



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  1. Stan says:


  2. ieatmypigeon says:

    Actually, it’s something else! Chin-chin is the baby word. My 8 year olds are obviously too mature to use it. Some of them, anyway; I had to teach the parts of the face a couple of weeks ago and once I showed them the “Chin,” all hope was lost.

  3. Stan says:

    That’s funny.

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