The uploading cord to my digital camera is still lost, hidden in all the layers of moving nonsense, and I only just remembered that I have a Mac Baby. 

My glorious, sundrenched bedroom, with the futon rolled up and put away. The wayward sheet on the gleaming wooden floor is the instruction manual for the Pilates ball my mother sent me, which was stolen by Sean, much like my copy of The Golden Notebook; this month’s Book Club selection. He has it with him on the train right now but it should be here with me. 


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  1. Ronnica says:

    I loved your “about me” page!

    Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day!

  2. tressa says:

    As a mommy to 2 bilingual children I can tell you, children are like little sponges… Even if you don’t think they are learning, it is soaking in there.

    Both of my kids watched the Baby Einstein Video… (it had 7 different languages on it…counting, alphabet etc…)

    My son STILL remembers the German & French songs He is 9.

    You have a very important job… hang in there!

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