Roberto’s Choice

It’s Tuesday, November 4th, and I’m a wreck. I can’t think about the JLPT, I can’t think about tonight’s dinner, I can’t think about mapping out the next phase of my future in the coming 5 months. All I can think about is the United States Presidential Election and since we’re a day ahead here in Japan, I’ll have to wait until Wednesday, November 5th to find out the results. I cast my absentee ballot last week, fighting fears that the overseas absentee voters will be this election’s “Florida felons.” All I can do is wait and see. 

In the meantime, to keep my spirits up, I will recount the conversation my father and I had a few weeks ago; quite possibly the only political “discussion” we’ve ever had. 

Me: So, Dad … you’ve never registered to vote, have you?

Dad: Ehhhh … no.

Me: Oh, Dad, you really should! You’ve been a citizen for almost 20 years, how come you never have?

Dad: Ehhh … I donno. 

Me: Well, this is a really important election; maybe it’s time for you to register. And you live in a Swing State!

Dad: Ehhh … well, now that Hee-la-ree isn’t a-ronning I donno …

Me: What? You? You would have voted for Hillary?

Dad: Ehhh … well, mebbe a-not. Mebbe too moch PMS.

That’s my dad. I like to believe that somewhere in there a part of him would have been into a female president. Argentina’s done it, after all. Vamanos, Latinos. O entonces escogemos Obama.


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  1. Kimberly says:

    Maybe if you tell Dad that people have died for the right to vote, he will go? I like to do the reverse guilt thing with my parents as much as possible. Since I was raised Catholic, I feel they have it coming 😉

  2. Kimberly says:

    This made me wonder how many of our citizens will be coming home after Obama has won.

    I can tell that the thought of it is making you homesick 🙂 I know it is making me feel very patriotic these days.

    Of course, I am reading between the lines here.

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