The Age of Aquarius

Aquarius Vitamin Water has a new model for their train ads.


E: Wow. He’s hot.

Sean: Him? He’s a tosspot.


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  1. Expat on the go says:

    I agree…. he’s hot!

  2. 花顔 says:

    He played a robot in a drama, and last season was the caretaker of a little girl/a journalist/author of a cellphone novel ^_^ His name is Hayami Mokomichi.
    See the true state of my nerdness? 😦 *sigh* Gomen.

  3. seminascosto says:

    Thank you, Kao! I don’t have a TV so I never know who any of these hot models are. It took forever to figure out who Takeshita Keiko was, as well as Sakaguchi Kenji. But I’m getting there.

  4. 花顔 says:

    If at all interested:

    You know those Japanese train kids, that memorize train time tables and can name the trains as they come past and that sort of thing? I’m kinda that scary otaku that knows jdrama :/ It’s what I do, and I freak Lara out all the time ^_^ *rather proud*

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