Things I Will Miss About Japan

Two words: NO TIPPING.


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  1. 花顔 says:

    Every. Time. Lara and I go out to eat, we have this discussion. ^_^

  2. Lara says:

    Well maybe when the service stops being so mediocre I’ll stop complaining about it.

  3. seminascosto says:

    You ladies should have seen Sean when we were in America. He just could not believe it. When my brother told him that New Yorkers usually tip about 25% he wigged. Every time we took him to a restaurant he would start: “That guy didn’t smile enough. That’s 1% off.” or “He was quite rude, wasn’t he? And look – this knife is dirty. No tip!” Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way in America. Maybe it should.

  4. Lara says:

    I would definitely be that bad, except that most of my friends start telling me I’m a bad person for not wanting to tip 😦

  5. 花顔 says:

    The system is flawed. Definitely. But man, nothing was better than getting HORRIBLE service because we appeared to be lesbians. That was excellent. times. And Sean’s way is a little too systematic; it’s all about the feel 😛

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