Sean’s List

E: Sean, what should I know when I move to Ireland? Who should I tip? What time do the stores close? What’s considered appropriate behavior and what’s not?

Sean: Well, you should speak as loud as possible.

Sean: And be sure to speak as much Irish as you can.

E: ….

Sean: Be as pushy as possible.

Sean: Demand to pay for everything in dollars.

Sean: Refuse to take any attitude from anyone. Remember – you’re from America!

E: Hold on a second, let me write this down.

Sean: This is a blog post, isn’t it! I’m not telling you any more.


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  1. Ly says:

    Hey Liz! I saw your comment on my blog Glad you’re moving to Ireland! You’ll love it here. I moved in November of last year. If you have more questions about moving…feel free to email me! I think this comment should give you my email address 🙂

  2. ieatmypigeon says:

    Thank you, Ly! It’s always good to know someone else who’s gone through the same things.

  3. funny!! must admit though, ive always found American tourists fairly pleasant, on the whole. Its my own Scots that seem to have the “holiday attitude”

  4. ieatmypigeon says:

    Hi, Andrew! I think we can all be guilty of the “holiday attitude” – it’s as if our brains shut off the minute we get off a plane! I actually met some Scottish tourists when I was visiting my parents in Tampa last month and found them very pleasant. They were almost giddy. Who would have thought anyone would be happy just to be in Tampa?

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