Today is Monday, August 3rd. It is now exactly a month until I move to Dublin. That makes a month to find an apartment, a month to get rid of the unnecessary junk I’ve accumulated in the past 3 months of living in my brother’s apartment, and a month to get my fill of things I love here in New York. Again.


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  1. Annie says:

    You’re leaving New York for Dublin?! Are you crazy?!

    No, I actually really like it here these days. It can be a great city if you find the right people and places.

    Let me know if there’s anything you need help with.

  2. ieatmypigeon says:

    Hi, Annie! Thank you for your comment – I’ve really been enjoying your blog. Your photographs are amazing! I adore New York City, trust me – it’s hard to leave again. But I like to leave every once in a while. It’s nice to experience new places and it always makes me appreciate home more. I’m excited about moving to Dublin. Thank you for your offer to help! I just might ask you for some advice 🙂

    アイルランド人, 頑張ります!

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