American English to Irish English Dictionary: Part I

American English: Don’t you go in there!

Irish English: You’re not to go in there!


American English: Do you want me to call the realtors?

Irish English: Will I ring the lettings agent?


American English: He just graduated from college.

Irish English: He’s just after graduating from university.


American English: Have a nice day!

Irish English: Good luck to ya.


American English: Thanks, man! That’s awesome!

Irish English: Grand. Cheers.


American English: Can I get you anything? No? Okay.

Irish English: Would you like some tea? Oh, go on. Go on, have a cup. Have a cup now. Have some tea. Go on. Go on, sure.


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  1. Morson says:

    English is beneficial language and thanks for the same.

  2. This is spot on. I have a Irish/American dictionary on my blog too! It’s definitely necessary. The amount of mis-communications I’ve had over here is ridiculous! Time to start spreading Irish-English further afield!

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