What Stinks?

The great thing about apartment hunting with Sean is that we can discuss our thoughts in the relative privacy of the Japanese language. For obvious reasons, this wouldn’t have worked in Japan. And, sure, it could drastically backfire against us. 例えば:

Realtor: And here you have the kitchen. Mind you, it’s part of the living room which is part of the bathroom but that just makes the whole flat that much easier to clean! And yes, it’s a bit far from City Centre and grocery shops and pubs but at least it’s nice and quiet!

E: Ah, yes. I see. [to Sean] このビルは気持ち悪いや。なんで臭い?

Sean: そやな?

Realtor: All right, that’s enough, you wankers. No, it wouldn’t be the nicest building and something smells like three day-old fish, sure. But this is the kind of flat you can afford so 黙れ。

E and Sean: ….

Realtor: 何見ているか。You’re not the only two people in Ireland who spent two years teaching English at an eikaiwa, like!

So far, so good.


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  1. Kao says:

    That’s one of my fears, as I’m constantly uttering under my breath or [more likely] yelling at the animals in Japanese… >.>

  2. カエル says:

    Uh oh, awkward moment. At least you don’t have to worry about how to break the news to the realtor that you aren’t buying!

    But a bathroom as part of the kitchen? Anyone who has been to Japan would find that appalling! Mr. Realtor shouldn’t have bothered selling!

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