While on the Subject of Children’s Games ….

Sean is a karate MASTER which means that his biceps are big and fat. This makes them very nice to punch during a spontaneous game of Punch Buggy when a Volkswagen Beetle passes us outside of The National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology.

Sean: Hey! Why did you hit me?

E: Punch buggy black – no punch backs!

Sean: It’s not fair that you hit me for no reason.

E: There was a reason – punch buggy!

Sean: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

E: Punch Buggy! Punch Buggy! Don’t you know the game?

Sean: No. I can’t believe you hit me.

E: But … Punch Buggy! Every time a Volkswagen Beetle passes you’re allowed to hit the person next to you as long as you call it first and say what color the car was. It’s like jinx, but with punching!

Sean: If you hit me, I can hit you back, so!

E: You can’t! That’s why I said “no punch backs!” It’s part of the game’s sheer brilliance.

Sean: You’re so mean to me.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Danielle says:

    I’ve always thought that, considering the beetle’s history, a violent game is appropriate. Now that they are discontinuing the car again (for good they say, this time) maybe the violent game will be it’s legacy hehe (okay, okay, I’m being mean but, as the granddaughter of an inventor and so finnicky about things like intellectual copyright, I really HATE those cars lol)

  2. Patricia Em says:

    Punch bug!

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