Manipulated To Perfection

I wake up. I write. I go to class. I write. I watch the swans. I salute the magpies. I write. I eat. I write.

Sometimes I watch TV. X Factor. QI with Stephen Fry. Only Fools and Horses. Endless Scrubs reruns. The commercials come on and I’m pointing at the screen.

“That. I want that.”

“What? Butter?”

“Kerrygold butter! Look. It’s made of Ireland.”

You’d think four years of working at an advertising analysis agency would have rendered me immune to commercials. But no – I run out to Dunnes and buy the Kerrygold butter, just as if they don’t sell it back home.I also buy a bottle of L’Oreal Elvive Conditioner, because right before I left the apartment pretty Cheryl Cole came on the TV to tell me the secret of defeating weak, limp, and lifeless hair (hint: it’s L’Oreal Elvive). 

I’d blame the bewitching Irish and English accents if it weren’t for the fact that when it comes to food, my greed and impressionability know no bounds. 

I come home. I put on the TV again. This time it’s celebrity chef Marco Pierre White. 

Just how on Ireland’s green Earth am I supposed to resist this? Darn the Knorr people, they know I’m powerless in this contest of wills. Jellified soup stock that tastes just like real stock made from scratch? I’ve never seen such a thing in my life; we don’t have this back home. I have to have it – Marco Pierre White is paid to say so, and I’m dazzled enough by the idea of Stock Pots to believe him. I want. I want, I want, I want. After one viewing of this commercial, my curiosity simmers. After multiple viewings, my curiosity boils over to obsession. Jellified stock! Melts into the soup! Can even please children! I need. I need, I need, I need. 

I buy a package and squirrel it home. The instructions say I may drop it into 500 ml of boiling water or simply plop it into a sauce. Sure beats crumbling bone-and-sodium bouillon bricks. Just as Marco promises, it does melt into the soup. It fills the kitchen with a beguiling aroma. It is indeed tasty. Since purchasing it last week, I’ve used it in Cioppino, dairy-free mashed potatoes, and as an oil-free sautee base. Next week, it’s going into the tortilla soup. Simmered to perfection, just like my greed. 

This post has been brought to you by WanderFood Wednesday. 


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