Things I Am Not Allowed to Say*

*according to Sean

  • Chancer – as in, “I can’t believe they tricked me out of two euro; what little chancers.”
  • Knacker – as in, “I saw some tracksuit-wearing knackers throwing snowballs at an old lady.”
  • Ye – as in, “Quiet, the pair of ye.” 
  • Like – as in, “What a little chancer, like.”
  • So – as in, “Go get your two euro back, so.”
  • Sure – as in, “Sure, he won’t stop giving out ’til he gets his two euro back from those little chancers, like.”
  • Grand – as in, “Sure, you’re grand, like.”
  • Feck – as in, “He’s done feck all since he got here,” and, “Feck, arse, girls.”

Except I can say these things. And I’ll say them all I like until I get them right.



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