Back in the Saddle

At this time last week, I never wanted to eat again as long as I lived. Seriously. Me; a gal who has seriously considered hooking myself up to a cupcake IV, to whom life is nothing, nothing, nothing if I don’t have food. Well, after one relapse and five days on the rice-and-potatoes diet, mama is back in the saddle.


No holds barred. One plate of evil mussels can’t bring this girl down.

So it’s dinner at Aya; i.e., Irish-style kaiten sushi. Triple the price of kaiten sushi in Japan; half the quality; double the cuteness. Service buttons screech Attention! Attention! instead of setting off silent alarms. No calls of いらっしゃいませ。Five plates of salmon down the hatch. And so far, mama’s doing fine.

Yep. Back in the saddle. Bring on the boxty and the spicy ramen.

This post has been brought to you by WanderFood Wednesday.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Nancie says:

    Definitely spoiled here in Asia with the affordable price of sushi!

  2. Wanderluster says:

    How fun! We have Blue-C Sushi here in Seattle with the whole conveyor belt system going on. I think it’s fun but dinner ends up being short-lived as I’m so eager to try everything (vegetarian) that rolls by.

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