Dear Readers

I’ve recently been alerted by my friend, Danny Goodman of fwriction, that Creative Nonfiction magazine is seeking narrative blog posts to reprint in their Summer Reading issue. Blog posts must be able to stand alone, clock in at under 2000 words, and have been published between November 1 2009 and March 31 2010. “Narrative, narrative, narrative,” says CNF.

I Eat My Pigeon wants to submit, though it strikes me that I’ve written little in the way of narrative in the past six months. My favorite narrative posts probably came from my life in Osaka – i.e., The Mystery of the Ubiquitous and Radiant Train Station Ad Model or Hostess Cupcake. The Irish post I would have loved to nominate – “Please Sir, May I Have Some More?” – was published on October 10 2009, rendering it sadly ineligible. Thus, I turn to you. Dear readers.

Nominations close on Monday, April 26. Halp. All votes are appreciated.


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