The Frog Has Wings

For four days in a row, Diego has approved of my outfits. STOP THE PRESSES. PIGS ARE NOW FLYING THROUGH THE AIR.

I’ll admit; I’ve been making a little extra effort in the way I dress. A few months ago, I noticed that all of my clothes were gray, black, brown, or navy. I also noticed that I hadn’t bought any new clothes since the previous summer, apart from a couple of (navy) jumpers from Dunnes. In the spirit of my upcoming Rainbow Tour, I took a couple of colorful chances on Grafton Street before I landed in New York. The effort appears to have paid off: apart from my blue and white striped River Island dress, Diego has been eyeing me with interest instead of revulsion when we see each other in the morning.

“Nice shirt,” he says. “Really nice shirt. Have you been… buying new clothes?”

“Here and there.”

“Well, good job.”

“I’m glad you approve.”

“I’m glad you’ve improved.

Victory is semi-sweet.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Nick says:

    Hang on… pictures? Where are the PICTURES!

  2. erma says:

    ahahaha. your bro is so funny.

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