Photo Essay: What It’s Like To Be Back in Dublin

Master’s program over. One week left to pack up the rest of my junk and soak up the last of Dublin I’ll see for a long time. What’s it been like? It’s been like this:

In other words… brilliant.


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  1. Kao says:

    See also: Delicious.

    1. ieatmypigeon says:

      LOOK HOW BLOODY THAT ROAST IS! It’s like they knew me or something.

  2. anna says:

    and very insightful!

  3. Daniel N. says:

    I loved Dublin when I visited in 2008! But I had a crush on Dingle and Galway afterwards 😉

    1. ieatmypigeon says:

      Galway is gooooorgeous. Haven’t made it to Dingle myself, I’m afraid. My biggest Ireland crush is Inishmore. It’s been six months and I’m still dreaming about that island!

  4. Nancie says:

    The end of one adventure and the beginning of another. Dublin is a city I would love to visit.

    1. ieatmypigeon says:

      Highly recommended, Nancie. This city has really grown on me.

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