Can’t Sell Him; Can’t Take Him Back

This is what I wear at winter time these days: a double breasted empire waist pea coat I bought in Japan and a knit turquoise beret I bought in Culonia last month. I love my winter things. I think I am so cute. I am so cute, no matter what Diego says:

  • You’re looking very… old world.
  • What’s with you now? That coat. That hat. Are you eighty?
  • You’re not wearing that to the bar. Take it off. Take it off now.
  • Shouldn’t you be sweeping chimneys or something?
  • Take. It. Off. Would you just take that stupid hat off?
  • Say hello to your friend, Oliver, for me.
  • Can we get you a new coat in New York? Please? Yours is killing me.

But I’m so cute.


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  1. ayngelina says:

    Don’t listen to Diego, that coat is oh so cute.

    1. ieatmypigeon says:

      I KNOW! Thank you, Ayngelina.

  2. Dylan says:

    Guy’s second opinion: makes a wee bit dizzy, but dead gorgeous. Don’t take the hat off either – it completes the ensemble 🙂

    1. ieatmypigeon says:

      Thanks, Dylan! I knew I could count on a man of taste.

  3. Lance says:

    Tell him it’s ‘Ironic’ and cool.

    1. ieatmypigeon says:

      “Ironic”…?! You mean… you agree with him?

      1. ieatmypigeon says:

        My mom is now laughing at my coat. She says: “It’s good to have a couple of coats in case you have a brother like your brother.”

  4. kirstin says:

    I had a hat just like yours! I loved it and I lost it on a mountain last weekend 😦 Wear it well, ignore the haters.

  5. Paul says:

    That’s a cool coat, but I am kind of worried about the hat’s retention capability. Seems like a stiff wind would just blow her right off.

    1. ieatmypigeon says:

      The hat actually stays on pretty well; I wore it that way for the photo to cover my face. Meno male, eh….

  6. Erica says:

    I love that coat! Its classic with a new flair!

  7. Mikeachim says:

    He’s wrong.

    You can tell him I said that, except if he’s richer or bigger than me. No actually, don’t tell him I said that. Forget I spoke. Cowardice lives to blog another day. That said, cute coat and hat.

    However, if that coat is made of peas, why don’t they go mushy in the rain?

  8. neha says:

    Love! I want one too …

    1. ieatmypigeon says:

      I hope you mean coat, not a Diego of your very own. Let me tell you; it’s brutal having one around….

  9. robingraham says:

    It’s a cute coat.

    1. ieatmypigeon says:

      I know.

  10. Lol, Jack says the same thing about my hobo-coat (his words, not mine) all the time. But mine is not as cute as yours, it even has holes (only in the pocket section — you can’t tell!)… so maybe he’s got a point.

  11. Odysseus says:

    It’s adorable! Don’t listen to your boy; some men just don’t understand fashion. Well, to be fair and non-sexist, some women don’t understand fashion either. But anyways, the point is that your winter look is very cute.

    p.s. Why do you always hide your face?

  12. Megan says:

    Wow, I think it’s a super cute look! I had a vaguely similar coat, only in brown, and I loved it.

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